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Temple Guardian & Visionary

Kai Mahi Ukaipo

“One who nourishes the life Force”

Joy was given this name by Te Pikiora Maori Health Trust. In 1999, whilst visiting from the UK, the health trust invited her to work with this circle of Traditional Healers at Hoani Waititi Marae in Auckland and has lived in Aotearoa ever since. Joy has natural inherent skills as a Sensitive and Guide. Joy has been gifted with abilities to read people deeply and guide them into a place of greater Self Empowerment. She is a Master of Creative Self-Expression and Innovation. Joy weaves together 30 years experience in professional Theatre and Dance with her skills in Healing and Energy Movement Medicine. She is proud of her Romany Gypsy lineage. Joy traveled the world widely before making New Zealand (Aoteaora) her home. 



Yoga Instructor & Owner of The Barefoot Chef

Angus, The Barefoot Chef, believes good food has the power to heal and that a shared meal is the basis of a happy connected community.

He creates sumptuous plant-based feasts and believes you don’t have to sacrifice flavour and variety to eat a vegan diet.


There is an organic vegetable garden and orchard on our land, which, together with local farmers markets, provides a gorgeous variety of produce for Angus to work his magic with. He also forages for native herbs and edible plants to brew therapeutic teas that compliment the delicious meals on the Barefoot Retreats.