the temple

The Dance Temple itself is a 12 sided dodecohedron. The Ancient Waitaha peoples of this land Aotearoa built 12 sided Sacred Spaces also. It is shaped like a huge spiders web, which is symbolic of weaving new designs for ourselves & for a new way of life on this planet. It is built from non-toxic sustainable materials & is based on Sacred Geometry principals, therefore aligning with Natural Law.

It is positioned in between large Totara trees and has a special alignment with them. Totara represents self -empowerment, self love and perfect self expression. Once we fully express our true selves , then we can step into conscious community with others.

The Altar in the centre is powerful vortex of energy. All the flow lines gather into the centre. It is an altar where we can dance, where we can open to the Divine Aspects of ourselves or catch a glimpse of this.


The toilets are compost toilets, the showers are solar .We endeavour to align with Natural Law wherever possible. All the workshops and events held at the Dance Temple will be aligned with these intentions.


12 meter diamater ​

Fully sprung dance floor

Wood burning fire place

6 large sliding doors open to outside 

Hot Showers

Fully catered options with The Barefoot Chef, Angus McLean

Building the Temple

Here we have an opportunity to take our rightful place in the circle of life

Joy was involved in building The Matrimandir in Auroville India.

This is a Sacred Space right at the heart of Auroville Community in Tamil Nadu, India. It is the only place in the World which belongs to humanity as a whole.

Matrimandir means "Mother Space" and represents the Divine Feminine Principals of embodiment & manifestation ,in short of bringing Heaven To Earth.

HeartSong Dance Temple has strong links to the Matrimandir and stands for the Sacred in much the same way.

Dance Temple is dedicated to the Dance of Life.